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What's in your rack?

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As someone that has been climbing for more than 20 years and collected a wide range of gear over the years, I always wonder what others have come to carry in their packs or on their belt when they go climbing. Personally, you can always find a belay device or two plus an assortment of carabiners hanging from my hip, regardless of the climb I am on. This is because my preferred climb is a strait forward top-rope climb or abseil off a cliff. I rarely have use for quickdraws, nuts or cams in my average climb.

I also teach a lot of climbing to beginners, so the majority of my gear tends to be aimed at these new climbers. No sense in spending thousands on the top end gear for someone just trying out their first vertical wall climb.

Orange Art Line Wall Wood

I have collected a variety of gear from SingingRock, Petzl, and BlackDiamond for my main hard gear and tend to get Beal ropes and slings.

Do you have any preferred brands or specific gear that must always be on your harness when out for a climb?
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^ Thats a solid setup, and the organization pleases the OCD in me.
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