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Urban climbing

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Ok, I was discussing some climbing related geocaches on another forum and thought it would be fun to share some of my adventures when my hobbies crossed paths. I have found that if I can't find a natural surface for climbing, I will find something else. Old bridges, abandoned buildings or walls, or even a tree will always do when I just want to get some air time on a rope.

Here are a few of my most extreme geocaching finds that required "special equipment" to access.

1. I Double Dog Dare You - GC1W8V3
This is one of my all time favorites and it was quite a journey. Funny enough, we met the owner at the cache the morning of the find. He told us he actually placed the cache without getting to ground zero himself. He threw a rope over the pillar and pulled the container to the top. Now that the cache was up there, it was someone else's problem to get to it. The cache is situated on an old railroad bridge piling about 50-60 feet off of the ground in the middle of a creek.

We started the climb by using a slingshot to launch the ropes over the pillar and tie off to some of the trees on the hillside. With the ropes secured, we had to use ascenders to get up the near-vertical cement surface. There was no holds anywhere on this wall so it was ascenders or nothing. After a quick climb, we got to enjoy a little rest before abseiling back to the ground below.

Sky Plant Water Bedrock Tree

Temple Leisure Fun Human settlement Event

Just like the previous, we have another old bridge pier out in a creek about 50+ feet above the creek below. The only to get the cache is up and that is exactly what we did. I went for this one as part of a much smaller crew. The team of 3, myself included, made quick work of the rigging and climb. We had this cache done in just over an hour and went on our way to get another one in a nearby park. That one was a little less extreme ranking in at a 3/5, but still worth the trip.

We rigged this one almost identically to the previous one, launching the rope over and rigging it to a tree on the hillside. Also just like the previous, the only way up was ascenders.

The owner of the cache even posted a video of the trip out to hide the cache:

Plant Water resources Water Fluvial landforms of streams Watercourse

Sky Cloud Tree Organism Bedrock

Smile Helmet Military camouflage Plant Camouflage

3. Red Squirrel Lost His Nutz - GC24DJ2
In a little bit of tongue-in-cheek move, one of the local cachers decided to poke a little fun at another caching friend after he had an operation. Well to cheer him up after losing something special, it was decided we needed another extreme cache. The honoree and the hider were part of the "IMPOSSIBLE? - NAH!" trip mentioned earlier. This cache was a 3 stage multi in the local state game lands. We all held off on seeking the cache until the honoree had his chance.

The 3 stages were all 50 feet or more up in these oak trees. There was no way to get there without ropes and rigging. The crew all had a blast... they also look like ants from the top of the trees.

Sky Twig Trunk People in nature Tree

Wood Trunk Plant People in nature Slope

Sky Bird Twig Trunk Tree
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