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Great shoe for beginners: Mad Rock Drifter

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Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoes

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Overall, I've been very happy with the Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoes. These shoes have been my go-to pair for indoor climbing and occasional outdoor bouldering for the past couple of years. Here are some of my thoughts on the shoes:

Fit and Comfort: The Drifters have a fairly snug fit, which is great for edging and precision footwork. Many other shoes I have tried leave my toes cramped or tightness around the heel. These are different, I have found them so comfortable I can wear them for hours without issue. Obviously, everyone's feet will fit differently, but I found they are far more comfortable than anything else on the market.

Performance: The Drifters have a relatively stiff sole, which provides good support and stability on small edges and pockets. I've found them to be great for both vertical and slightly overhanging routes. They're not the most aggressive shoes out there, but they have enough support to make them effective on steeper terrain. The rubber on the sole has held up well over time, and still provides good friction.

Durability: I've been pleasantly surprised by how well these shoes have held up over two years of regular use. The upper has shown some wear and tear, but the rubber on the sole is still in good condition. I've resoled them once, which was a straightforward process.

Value: The Drifters are reasonably priced compared to other performance climbing shoes on the market, and I've found them to be a good value for the money. They are budget friendly compared to many other brands or models and this makes them ideal for beginners or entry level climbers. As they are also very durable, you will find that they also last longer too.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoes to anyone looking for a versatile, durable, and reasonably priced pair of shoes for indoor climbing and occasional outdoor bouldering. They're not the most aggressive or specialized shoes out there, but they're a solid choice for a wide range of climbing styles and levels.
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