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Climbing in cinema

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Climbing has been depicted in various ways in mainstream cinema. Some movies portray climbing as a thrilling and dangerous adventure, while others focus on the mental and physical challenges that climbers face. In general, climbing has been depicted in a positive way, as a challenging and rewarding activity that requires skill, determination and courage. However, it also highlights the risks and dangers involved with climbing.

What movies or TV shows have you seen that highlight climbing or reference it in the story? Would you recommend it for others to see? Did any of these movies get you more passionate about climbing or set a new goal for you?
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I think we all know the number one choice for this is Cliffhanger.

As someone with a background in search and rescue, 127 hours always hits hard and as I did a lot of solo backpacking and climbing, it really made me question some of my own choices and trips. Glad I never was in that kind of a situation, but that movie give me more chills than most horror movies.
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