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A climbing gym for kids

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A few months ago I was connected to a lady that teaches kids climbing courses here in Estonia. She had a vision of creating a climbing gym specifically for kids.

Over the last 6 months, she found a location and the work began to make it into a perfect place for teaching kids. The goal was to make it a safe space for kids, with climbing routes that were in their skill level. The place is also family friendly so that parents can hang out while the kids climb and play.

Things started off slowly back in the fall with the leasing of an old Cafe. The place was in rough shape, but it was large enough to become a space for the gym and flexible enough to make it whatever she wanted.

Wood Interior design Floor Flooring Gas

First step was taking out a few internal walls. Here you can see the results of one day of demolition. The white marks on the floor are the remains of an old wall.

As a temporary solution to start using the space, she borrowed my portable climbing wall. This let her start teaching basic climbing classes and start to see what this place was capable of.

Climbing hold Amber Wood Art Floor

Building Wood Interior design Floor Flooring

After a few months, she was able to get a contractor in to finish gutting the space and preparing for the main construction. At that point the place became a construction zone and was closed awaiting the grand reopening.

Now, a few months later, it is time to reveal the first climbing gym in Estonia designed for kids.

Climbing hold Climbing World Art Leisure

Textile Architecture Art Paint Leisure

Textile Climbing Architecture Interior design Climbing hold

There are still some finishing touches left to do and some areas left for future expansions, but the space is open and classes for kids have started.

I will also be helping teach classes in English for kids. This is a fun side project for me and a chance to continue to share my climbing knowledge and experience with the next generation of climbers.
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